Our teams are focused on giving shape to ideas in a creative environment, through technology and business incubation. Passionate about creating new technologies to improve the lives of our global community, we have a strong focus on collaborating and co-innovating with clients, start-up companies, academics and leading-edge partners to develop new offerings in the areas of digital workplace, sensing & information management, business technology and healthcare.

The future looks bright with digital printing…

As a service provider for the production printing industry, offering you integrated workflows and applications as well as professional and sophisticated hardware products to enable your business.

Transform your working environment into a digitally connected workspace.

Structured business processes as well as a robust and secure IT infrastructure are fundamental to compete in today’s markets. We help you optimize your processes and facilitate the use of information. Our portfolio entails consultancy services, infrastructure implementation and managed services. With our support, you are able to concentrate fully on your business.

Our professional printing portfolio makes sure that you get the most out of your print room – that is why we spend all our R&D power to keep preparation times to a minimum and to avoid standstill as much as possible, accurately helping you producing more jobs per shift.

Our portfolio is designed to help you to run your business most efficiently, it automates your workflow and lets you and your employees spend time only where it is really required and helps you to reduce overtimes.

Reducing manual processes and automating production steps on the one hand keeps away frustration and worries from your organization. On the other hand it helps you reduce material and waste.